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Lloyd Lamber, founder of The Christian CenterMore than 60 years ago, a young man returned home from serving the United States, a hurting and addicted man—a shadow of what God intended for him to be. But then Lloyd Lambert was offered a new life in Christ and he accepted that gift. God's love and forgiveness took him from broken to whole; from shattered to shining. He moved on to a healthy and productive life, married and started a family.

And then in 1955, the transformed life in Christ that was Lloyd Lambert gave birth to a ministry that has been offering new life to other hungry, hurting and homeless ever since. The ministry that was to become known as The Christian Center started simply and practically with an offer from Lloyd and his family to share their home with a couple of men in need. They furnished the upstairs of their home as an apartment for the men, while the family maintained their residence in the basement. From these humble beginnings, a vital ministry has grown and expanded to minister to thousands more.

Desiring to help meet the needs of more men than what his home could accommodate, Lloyd determined to run a persuasive campaign to grow the ministry. He could very effectively communicate the results of supporting such a ministry, as he was living proof of the transforming power of Jesus Christ! Knowing from personal experience what it meant be given the opportunity for a new life, Lloyd worked to establish community connections that resulted in buildings being donated in the 1970s for the expansion and formal establishment of The Christian Center, including "The Attic Window" store, now called Red Door Vintage & Thrift and the soup kitchen that now serves meals 7 days a week, 3 times a day (excluding Sunday mornings).

Over the years, the ministry has continued to grow, meeting the needs of those in crisis, and offering the redeeming hope that is in Christ. Thousands of transformed lives have been born out of one man's healing. It's a ripple effect. Tomorrow another broken life may present itself at our doors, and we understand the potential that life represents. After all, The Christian Center and all of its ministry programs were born out of one life that went from broken to whole—from shattered to shining. That's how we know that…

Healing Begins Now.

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