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The Executive Director's Corner

When men walk through the door of The Christian Center, they get a warm bed, clean clothing and good, nourishing food. They also get the opportunity to feel the Hand that formed the universe do a new work inside of them.

This is why we exist. It's why we are here. It's why I am here—to see people's lives transformed because they come to know who God is and find what they need for spiritual healing.

Jesus Christ is at the center of everything we do here. It is under His Lordship that we operate. As the Executive Director of The Christian Center, with every expenditure I am asked to approve—with every decision I make, I ask the question, "Is this what you want me to do, God, in order to advance Your Kingdom?"

It is ultimately important to me that I walk the talk—that every staff member lives this out on a daily basis so that when others watch us, they will say, "This is real. I want some of that." That is the Gospel preached in what we do, what we say, and how we say it.


People know it when they see it.

We are about building relationships. When we do this properly, we can look at people in the eye and ask them if they know Jesus, and if they want to know Him. That's the foundation of breaking the cycle of dysfunction in a person's life.

We are looking for a spiritual revival among everyone we serve. We are a part of God's movement in reaching the lost. We intentionally take steps forward in that process – to become a bigger part of that – on purpose. And we invite you to be a part of that process with us. Please contact me if you feel God is calling you to be a part of His work at The Christian Center where…

…Healing Begins Now.

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