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Mon - Fri 8:30am-4pm

You might look around your house, garage or storage shed and see a lot of stuff with which you'd like to part—stuff that is collecting dust and making it difficult for you maintain a home as neat and organized as you'd like it to be. For you, it's "stuff" because it's extraneous—not necessary for your day-to-day living. But when you donate it to The Christian Center, it's transformed from "stuff" to "good stewardship." Your donation is good stewardship. You've taken a previous investment and made great use of it by giving it to an organization that will use it to help others, and you get a donation receipt for tax purposes, as well.

In maintaining that good stewardship on the receiving end, The Christian Center evaluates every single item donated for its very best use to further the work of God's Kingdom. We get to proverbially spin straw into gold!

All of that "stuff" that may even look like "junk," can help provide the vital services offered by The Christian Center. We're all familiar with the saying, "One man's junk is another man's treasure." At The Christian Center, your junk can become someone elses treasure when it comes through our doors as a goods donation!

And, if your church or neighborhood does a big rummage sale, The Christian Center will be glad to accept whatever is leftover at the end of your event during our fully-manned receiving hours.  Just pull up to the garage door on the 6th street side of our store (Red Door Vintage and Thrift - located at 621 Meridian St), honk your horn, and someone will come out to unload for you!

Pickups can also be scheduled for Tuesday-Friday (at a small fee) by calling our Main line at 765-649-4264.

  (Please see the following list of items we are unable to accept due to costly disposal fees and government regulations)

The next time you do some cleaning out, please remember to bring your secondhand items to The Christian Center!

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