Hello there!

Established in 1955 by Reverend Lloyd Lambert, The Christian Center operates with a straightforward purpose: To provide a transformed life in Christ to those suffering from the devastation of hunger, homelessness, and hurt. Lloyd and his wife, Dorothy, sensed that God was calling them to serve those who, like Lloyd had, were experiencing brokenness and a need for refuge. Guided by the Lord’s will, the years ahead of them saw great growth and evolution for their ministry.

Today, we follow in Lloyd’s footsteps as we remain true to God’s vision of serving our community through a variety of programs, services, and agency management. Through sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ and by meeting basic human needs in His name, we have been able to convey to thousands of people each year that Healing Begins Now.

How We Operate

Whether a client needs immediate or long-term help, we provide him with the love and support he needs. With the help of staff members, volunteers, and partner organizations, we are able to supply food, shelter, clothing, hygiene products, household necessities, and mental and dental services to our clients. And most importantly, we are able to provide meaning.

Clients are welcomed no matter their reason for seeking help. For those whose journeys require more than food and shelter, we provide abuse education and recovery programs, financial and life skills education, counseling, and more.

We invite you to read our mission and vision and explore the ways God may be calling you to work in this ongoing ministry.