A soldier joins God’s army.

Lloyd LambertIn 1955, Lloyd Lambert humbly followed the path laid out to him by the Lord. Nearly a decade earlier upon his return from serving his country in World War II, he was hurting and broken– alcoholism had taken its toll on him. He was offered a new life in Christ, and graciously accepted, beginning his lifetime journey of healing and forgiveness. Soon after, he married his wife Dorothy and began a family.

Their family continued to grow as they gave birth to a ministry in 1955 that maintains its commitment to offering new life to others experiencing the adversity of hunger, homelessness, and hurting. What is now The Christian Center began as the simple gesture of Lloyd and Dorothy welcoming men in need into their home. They furnished the upper level of their 14-room home for such men, all the while maintaining their residence in the basement. From these humble beginnings, a vital ministry emerged and has continued to provide food, shelter, and love to people from various backgrounds.

Sharing is caring.

Lloyd shared his personal story of transformation with anyone who would listen, and soon had moral and financial support from all over the community. In the 1973, buildings were donated for the formal establishment of The Christian Center. These buildings still stand today, housing the Red Door Vintage & Thrift shop, the dormitory that shelters 70 men each night, and the soup kitchen, which now serves over 85,000 meals each year.

“… And The Lord sets the prisoners free.”

Black and White Photo of The Christian Center

Lloyd’s successors have followed his example, remaining true to the Lord’s intention of providing aid to men in need. Lloyd was especially dedicated to helping men recently released from prison get on their feet. Today, we offer basic necessities to these men and help them rebuild their lives, always offering the redeeming hope of Christ. No matter how broken the man who appears at our door, we understand the potential his life represents and are committed to helping him fulfill its purpose. After all, The Christian Center and its entire ministry were born out of one life that shifted from broken to whole, from shattered to shining. Lloyd’s memory reminds us every day that Healing Begins Now.