Setting Personalized Goals

We believe that a stable life requires making peace with God, others, and ourselves. So, we’ve purposefully designed our Men’s Program to promote spiritual and emotional wholeness. Our first priority helping men establish a Biblical foundation for making healthy choices, which includes maintaining an addiction-free life.

Work with Available Resources

Then, logistics come into play. Without a permanent address, those trying to rebuild their lives may find it difficult to take practical steps towards self-sufficiency, such as scheduling job interviews, applying for aid, saving money, and receiving mail or phone calls. Participation in the Men’s Program establishes residency and puts these things within reach.

“I was a homeless man that struggled with addictions for more than 30 years. Then I found The Christian Center. With God’s help, they helped me turn my life around for good! Now, I live independently and also have a great relationship with my family and kids.”

Emerge Self-Sufficient as a Follower of Christ

The resident men work hard every day to put their life back on course. Since everyone’s story is different, our Men’s Program staff and volunteers work with each individual to set personalized goals over the course of an 18-24 month program. We work with volunteers and community partners to provide resources for substance abuse, work therapy, group Bible studies, chapel services, spiritual guidance, anger management classes, financial education, basic interpersonal skills training, and more.

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